ZEISS Center of Optical Innovation – Museum of optics


The new permanent exhibition spans an arc from the latest technologies to the pioneering developments of the historical beginnings in 10 thematic areas.
At the opening in Oberkochen, guest of honor Buzz Aldrin immediately recognized the camera equipped with ZEISS optics that he used to take the iconographic pictures of the moon landing.
In the very beginning there was … the light ray and the Lens – the microscope.
Probably the most groundbreaking milestone in the history of microscopy was achieved in 1846 by Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott, who used calculated optics for the first time.
In doing so, they helped mankind make some of the most important discoveries. Penicillin, the discovery of tuberculosis and cholera would not have been possible, nor would the research of numerous Nobel Prize winners.
The exhibition’s design concept consistently implements the leitmotif of “making the invisible visible” in the formal and analog application of the elemental shapes of line and circle.

ICONIC Award 2015 Winner

Responsible for the overall project: Dr. Michael Kaschke (CEO, Carl Zeiss AG)

Exhibition design: Bertron Schwarz Frey GmbH Berlin and Ulm

Media: TheGreenEyl, Berlin

Project management: Miralem Kaljic, Bonmot, Munich

External consulting: Prof. Uwe J. Reinhardt, Düsseldorf