“… not display things, but rather the music”

Mendelssohn House Leipzig

With a ceremony in the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, the Museum Mendelssohn-Haus has been reopened after an elaborate redesign. The new permanent exhibition in the former home and place of death, with an »effectorium«, phonotheque and café, is dedicated to the life and work of the famous composer.
The design approach defines the guiding idea of LIFE and WORK of Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, YESTERDAY and TODAY. The area of “life”(yesterday) is represented by the authentic living rooms on the first floor. The newly created part of the exhibition on the ground floor is dedicated to the “work”, which continues to this present day.
The installation “Mendelssohn-Effektorium” combines in a unique way “feeling music” with “understanding music”. 16 audiovisual media columns in orchestral arrangement turn the room into a walk-in orchestra. The 16-channel technology used ensures sharp reproduction and makes it possible to identify even individual instruments or voices. The interactive installation allows the direct comparison of selected pieces of Mendelssohn’s music in the interaction of different conductors, the sound of old and new musical instruments and different spaces such as concert hall, church or recording studio.
The design concept consequently avoids classical text panels in order not to disturb the authenticity of the place. A delicate piece of furniture was developed as a carrier for information, which quotes Biedermeier forms in abstraction.
Mendelssohn’s study as a backdrop-like replica and tromp l’oeil painting sets the stage for Lili and Karl, who guide through the parental household and Mendelssohn’s (musical) world.


Illustration scenes “Lili & Karl”: Christine Faust

Media production: White Void, Christopher Bauder (Effektorium) a.o.