Documentation sites Hersbruck | Happurg

Bavarian Memorial Foundation

The Bavarian memorial foundation commemorates at the satellite camps of the Flossenbürg concentration camp with two installations at the Hersbruck and Happurg documentation sites. A “black box”, which stands out distinctively and uncomfortably as an architectural “landmark” from its surroundings, documents the site where the prisoners were once kept in Hersbruck. The complementary landscape-architectural ensemble in Happurg near the entrance to the tunnel relates the site of forced labor geographically and in visual expression.
A contemporary form of media-based presentation documents the destinies of the prisoners and reveals the topography of the sites.
On January 25, 2016, the Bavarian State Parliament inaugurated the documentation sites in Hersbruck and Happurg as part of the annual Holocaust Memorial Day.

Media planning and implementation: Markus Lerner

Photos: M. Lerner, E. Huff, K. Helldorfer, A. Bertron, U. Schwarz