The Brandenburg Wolf Information Center

in the Schorfheide Wildlife Park

The new permanent exhibition “Wolf & Humans” informs about the future coexistence with the returning wild animal in Brandenburg’s first Wolf Information Center.
The center in the Schorfheide Wildlife Park understands itself as a place of education. The manager Imke Heyter wants to show a realistic picture of the wolf. “He is simply a large predator and has its place in the ecosystem”.
In the attached shepherd protection center farmers, hunters and animal owners find a contact point for all topics around the wolf.

“Why is the wolf coming back ?”, “How dangerous is the wolf ?”. In the exhibition area “Facts” are illustrated in pictorial representations information to the most frequent questions.
In contrast to this, both spatially and in terms of content, there is an expansive projection that allows emotional access to the wolf’s image and social behavior and playfully involves the visitor.

The exhibition establishes close links to the game park with its extensive outdoor area and animal preserves, which is located in the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve.

Client: Schorfheide Wildlife Park, Schorfheide OT Groß Schönebeck

Supervision of content: Andreas Piela, MLUL Brandenburg

Design and artistic direction: Bertron Schwarz Frey GmbH, Aurelia Bertron and Ulrich Schwarz

Planning services and site supervision: Molitor GmbH, project management Marco Unterhaslberger

Execution Graphic Design: Katharina Weber

Media design and implementation: Syntop, Patrick Kochlik and Jens Wunderling