The World of the Celts – Treasures of Art

Grand State Exhibition, Old Castle Stuttgart

Probably the most extensive Celtic exhibition in thirty years is dedicated to the importance of this culture as one of the formative forces in European history. At two central locations around the Schlossplatz, outstanding original finds and individual pieces, some never before shown in Germany, are presented in two large thematic blocks.”
Bertron Schwarz Frey is designing the thematic block “Treasures of Art” in the Old Palace and the exhibition “The Celts in the Young Palace” in the Children’s Museum.
The exhibition “Treasures of Art” presents masterpieces from all over Europe. A main focus is the fascinating and highly developed, but often enigmatic ornamentation of the Celts. By means of selected top objects, graphics, films and animations it is deciphered and made experiencable.
The history of ornamentation is the main design element of the exhibition. Large-format light-shadow projections of the significant formal language of the individual epochs shape the atmosphere of the room and structure the sequence of themes.

An exhibition of the Baden-Württemberg State Museum of Archaeology Konstanz and the Württemberg State Museum in cooperation with the State Office for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments at the Stuttgart Regional Council and the Bern Historical Museum.