Form and Function – A Role Model for Nature

State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe

Nature itself provides the inspiration for the design of the new permanent exhibition on the subject of bionics.
Inspired by organic cell structures, a design was created that unites the space, the exhibition architecture and the information level in one formal unit. Showcase units, aquarium housings, wall paintings and reliefs, even the shades in front of the windows use a uniform canon of patterns.
The color, lighting and material concept were developed in close coordination with the architects Kessler de Jonge, who were responsible for the building construction, and with the aim of dissolving the boundaries between space and exhibition.
The monochrome light color scheme forms the tableau for the exhibit presentation and sets the stage for the museum’s collections.
Aesthetical and formal independence and conciseness characterize the new exhibition unit within the museum tour.
A special aspect and challenge lies in the integration of several large aquariums with living exhibits into the museum exposition. The combination of artefacts, such as taxidermy and living animals is unique in this form.

Illustrations: Manuela Boschert

Media realization: 235 media

Photos: Dirk Altenkirch, Petra Guder SMNK, Ulrich Schwarz