Botanic Garden Berlin, Main Tropical House, Victoria House and Seed Bank

The design concept for the visitor information offers three essential qualities: information, orientation and attraction.
The display emphasizes the uniqueness of the collection of living objects. The information elements have a subservient character and do not overlay the effect of the plants. The monumental appearance is to be preserved as a whole. All interventions therefore have a supporting function with the aim of presenting higher-level contexts.
Pylons blend harmoniously into the surroundings and are still visible at a distance as a point of orientation due to their slanted shape.

In the Victoria House, a media installation brings the giant water lilies, which only bloom temporarily, into virtual blossom.
In the fountain hall below, plants and habitats submerged in aquariums are on display.

The Dahlem Seed Bank building on the grounds of the Botanical Garden stores seeds from many countries around the world, including numerous collections of rare and endangered species.
Large windows allow views into the working rooms. Information columns in the outdoor area provide information about the work of Germany’s oldest seed bank.

Media installation “Victoria”: Syntop