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Museografie und Ausstellungsgestaltung

ZEISS Museum of optics in the Zeiss Forum, Oberkochen
Creation and Extention of the Permanent Exhibition, 2014

Mendelssohnhaus Leipzig
Creation and Extention of the Permanent Exhibition, 2014

Stiftung Bundespräsident Theodor Heuss Haus, Stuttgart
»Democracy as a way of life« Travelling Exhibition, 2014

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bonn
»An Oriental Adventure – Max von Oppenheim and his Discovery of the Tell Halaf«, 2014

Town Museum Rastatt »The Peace of Rastatt 1714«
Special Exhibition, 2014

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Bonn
»Fools. Artists. Saints. Masters of Chaos«, 2012

Otto Bock Health Care, Leipzig Trade Fair, 2012

Württemberg State Museum
»The World of the Celts of power – Treasures of Art«, 2012
»Brave, smart, just great!« The Celts for children 2012
Large National Exhibition

Museum New Castle Meersburg – State Palaces and Gardens Permanent Collection, Management and Information System, 2011 | 2012

Geothermal Experience Center, Gross-Gerau – GEOlife Permanent Exhibition, 2011 

Baienfurt Kardelmuseum, 2011

City of Regensburg, UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and City Court

Visitor Information Centre, 2011

Concentration Camp Memorial Flossenbürg – WHAT REMAINS Segment Postwar History, Permanent Exhibition, 2010 

Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald – From Sweden times to Emperor’s time, Permanent Exhibition in the Grey Monastery, 2010 

Open Air Museum Beuren – Farmers- and Ausdinghaus

Permanent Exhibition, 2010

City Museum Ditzingen

Redesign of the Permanent Exhibition, 2009

Botanical Garden Berlin, Large Tropical House, Visitor Information, Guidance and Orientation System and Redesign, 2009 

SV Insurence of Sparkasse – Buisness building in Wiesbaden, Partial Renovation, 2009 

New Museum Remshalden – Local History and PersonalitiesExhibition, 2009

State Museum Württemberg Stuttgart – Treasures of the Ancient Syria Great National Exhibition, 2009 

Ulm-Wiblingen Museum, Wiblingen Monastery Museum and Library Treasures Special Exhibiton, 2009 

City Museum Esslingen – Between Heaven and Earth Special Exhibition with Old Town Tour, 2009 

Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Wuerttemberg – One worldTraveling Exhibition, 2009

Alamannenmuseum Weingarten

Refurbishment of the permanent exhibition, 2008

Weikersheim Palace – Court life and Art of GardeningRedesign of the exhibiton room, 2008 

Castle of Meersburg, Study Concept, Visitor Access andUtilization Concept, 2008

Museum of Ulm, Visitor Guiding System, 2007

Museum of Natural History BerlinRedesign of 4 halls of the permanent exhibition, 2007 

Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald – Quistorp Buildingnitial Picture Gallery and Permanent Exhibition, 2007

Weikersheim Palace – Segment Court Life Permanent Exhibition, 2007 

Capital of Culture Sibiu / Hermannstadt – Inside the churchin transition and home decor, Special Exhibition, 2007

Ulm-Wiblingen Museum, Wiblingen Monastery MuseumMonastery, 2007 

Ulm-Wiblingen Museum, Museum in Convent – 175 Death, Father M. Braig Special Exhibition, 2007 

State Museum Württemberg in Stuttgart – A Kingdom for ChildrenContribute to the Exhibition, 2006

Ulm-Wiblingen Museum, Wiblingen Monastery Museum in the Convent Initial Permanent Exhibition, 2006 

State Museum Württemberg in Stuttgart – The Kingdom of Württemberg 1806 – 1918Guidance System to the Special Exhibition, 2006 

Old Synagogue in Essen, Competition, 2006

Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald – Convent Garden and Findling GardenGuidance and Orientation Systems, Information Surfaces indoors and outdoors, 2005

Garden Art Weikersheim, 2005

House on the Alb, Bad Urach – Stairway to heaven, Path, 2005

State Archaeological Museum Brandenburg, Paul’s Monastery

Competition, 2005

City Museum in Sindelfingen

Study on planning, 2005

Jewish Museum Berlin – Both German and Jews

Redesign Exhibition Segment of the Permanent Exhibition, 2005

Kelter Remshaldenstudy of the Museum Concept, 2005

SV Insurance of Sparkasse Stuttgart

Extensions to the building and existing buildings, 2005

Velcro publishers, Frankfurt International Book Fair, 2005

Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald – Country at the Sea

Exhibition, 2005

House of History, Leipzig Forum of Contemporary History – Near and Far

Germany and its neighbors, Traveling Exhibition, 2005

National Park Centre, Castle of Orth

Competition, 2005

State Memorial Office, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Conservation Project, 2005

Children’s Museum Berlin – very far away, and yet so close, 2005

Labyrinth Children’s Museum Berlin – On the way to DooesMeGood

Traveling Exhibition, 2004

Leipzig Forum of Contemporary History – Klopfzeichen/

Cracking and Jumping the Wall, Exhibition, 2004

Stadtwerke Rastatt – International Day of Water, 2004

Hydro-Electric-Power-Plant Niederbühl, Stadtwerke Rastatt, 2004

Park SanssouciStudy for the Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens, 2004

Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin – Cracking and Jumping the Wall, 2004

German Bible Society – Family StoriesTraveling Exhibition, 2004

Klett Verlag – DIDAKTA CologneDesign of trade fair in a new corporate design, 2004

Ludwigsburg Palace – Maintain & KeepSpecial to the restoration, 2004

City Hall Stuttgart

Modernization, Control and Guidance System, 2004

State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg,Information-Bus and Exhibition Boards, 2004

German Museum of Technology Berlin – Dream MachineConcept, 2004

State Centre for Civic Education – 50 years of Baden-Wuerttemberg, 2004

Stadtwerke RastattTrinkwasserlehrpfad, 2004

Haussler CityPlaza Stuttgart, 2004

City Museum in RastattPermanent Exhibitiion, 2004

Museum Folkwang Essen – Cracking and Jumping the Wall , 2003

Freiberg am Neckar, Townhouse, 2002

Cave History Museum – Tiefenhöhle LaichingenExhibition space and entrance, Exhibition room, 2002

Ried Museum – Rastatt-Otterndorf, 2002

Museum – Work at the River Rhein, Elchesheim-Illingen, 2002

Heureka Klett, Book Trade FairShowroom, 2002

City of Heubach – Hiking trails, 2002

Literature Archive in Marbach, Architecture Competition, 2002

Leipzig Forum of Contemporary History – Cracking and Jumping the WallExhibition, 2002

Townhouse in Freiberg am Neckar, 2002

City Museum in the Schloessle – WeingartenPermanent Exhibition, 2001

Holy Cross Cathedral in Schwäbisch Gmünd650 years Cathedral Choir, 2001

State Museum Württemberg, StuttgartSecularization and Competition, 2001

Visionarum Bremen, Competition, 2001

Stadthalle Tuttlingen, 2001

T-Nova, development and research company of Deutsche TelekomBerlin Sign System for Intranet applications, 2001

City of Bietigheim-BissingenParking and Pedestrian System, Walking Tour, 2001

Römerbad Schirenhof – Schwäbisch GmündInformation Stations, 2001

Weaving Museum in Sindelfingen, 2001

Park Sanssouci and New Palace – Study of Orientation SystemsMuseumDidactics, Space-Building Measures, 2001

University of Jena and State Library, 2001

Archaeology in Germany, Competition, 2001

Rhine Medienprojekt Update, 2000

DaimlerChrysler – House of Training Roser Stuttgart, 2000

Campaign of the LPB Federal Agency for Civic Education, Stuttgart50 Years of Basic Law, 2000

Plenary Hall of the Federal Council – Federal symbolsCompetition, 2000

Bertron & Schwarz – Design Center Stuttgart, 2000

College of Art and Design Zurich – NightshiftScenic-Media Installation, 2000

Thuringian University and State Library

Museum SchorndorfExtension, 2000

Pomeranian State Museum GreifswaldArt Gallery, 2000

City Museum SchorndorfExtension, 2000

Triberg Black Forest Museum, 2000

Zeiss Planetarium – Rio de Janeiro, 1999

IBM Stuttgart – Millennium Countdown, 1999 – 2000

Cross-border Regional Park – PaminaFruit trail, Information Stations, 1999

Book Publication – Raum Zeit ZeichenTransmedia projects of Bertron & Schwarz, 1999

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Illustrated book, 1999

City Hall Stuttgart study, 1999

Maarmuseum Manderscheid – Manderscheid in the Volcanic EifelInitial and Permanent Exhibition, 1999

German Berlin Cathedral – 50 years of the German BundestagPermanent Exhibition, 1999

House on the Alb – LPB Federal Agency for Civic EducationExhibition in the Tower, 1999

Schwäbisch Gmünd City Information Systems 1992 – 1998

KBK Architects Belz Lutz, StuttgartMedia Presentation and Website, 1998

Environmental Education Center and Outdoor Museum – DonaumoosLogo, Signage and Exhibition, 1998

State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg – Signet, 1998

Castle Museum Burg Guttenberg – Haßmersheim-NeckarmühlbachVisitor Guiding System, 1998

Museum Rangendingen, 1998

Biblical Museum of the German Bible Society, Stuttgart, 1998

Zeiss Planetarium – Palais de la Découverte in ParisRedesign of the entryway of the Planetarium, 1997

Rheinpark Pamina

Communication Concept, 1997

Industry Solutions Lab Stuttgart

IBM Germany Information Systems, 1997

Museum Sachsenheim, 1997

Tulla, The meadow and the River Rhein – RheinMediaprojekt, 1997

Transylvanian Museum Gundelsheim, 1997

Campaign for Democracy – 50 Years of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Anniversary Campagne, 1996

City Museum Ebersbach, 1996

State Parliament of Baden Württemberg, StuttgartPublic Relations Design of the Permanent Exhibitionin the Foyer of Parliament, 1996

50 years Klett Publishers – learn learn learn, 1996

Salach paper in Gothenburg

Showroom, 1996

Festhalle Murrhardt, 1996

Museum of the Schwetzingen Collections, 1996

ZOB – Central Bus Station Schwäbisch Gmünd, 1996

Textbook series, Klett Verlag, Stuttgart – straight forward, 1995 – 2000

Office buildings and City Library, City of Schwäbisch Gmünd, 1995

Museum Elchesheim Illingen – Work on the River Rhein, 1994

Ried Museum – Rastatt-Otterstdorf, 1994

State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, 1994

Museum Marbach Rielingshausen Kelter, 1994

The Movie: Twothousendone, 1994

Castle Filseck – Uhingen, County of Göppingen, 1994

Schwäbisch Gmünd

Corporate Design, 1994

Senior Center, Suttgart-Sonnenberg, 1994

Museum Krautheim, Concept, 1993

Ernst & Sohn Verlag Berlin – Graphics and Design, 1993

Meeting Euro Music , 1993

Donaumoos Environmental Education Center Neuburg , 1993

Baden-Wuerttemberg State Media Center, 1993

State Centre for Civic Education Stuttgart – Home at the AlbBad Urach, Historical Path to the House, 1992

The Ufabuch, Twothousendone Verlag, Frankfurt, 1992

Memorial – The men of Brettheim, Goethe-Institut MunichTraveling Exhibition, 1992

Landesbildstelle Württemberg

Corporate Design, 1990

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