Visuelle Kommunikation
Museografie und Ausstellungsgestaltung

Prof. Ulrich Schwarz | Managing Partner, was born in Triberg in the
Black Forest. He studied visual communication, subsequently
worked as an independent designer and in 1988 founded
Bertron & Schwarz Design Group GmbH.
Since 2000 Ulrich Schwarz has been professor of design in the
Visual Communication Department at the Berlin University of the Arts
and is the author of publications such as ›Raum Zeit Zeichen‹,
›Museografie und Ausstellungsgestaltung‹ as well as contributions
to ›Information Graphics‹ and ›Information Design Source Book‹.
Apart from his work as a designer, an additional interest is to carry out
studies and produce expert reports on wayfinding systems, museography
and exhibition design.


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