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26. June 2012
Fools. Artists. Saints. Masters of Chaos
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn September 2012

The exhibition is a cooperation between the Musée du quai Branley in Paris, the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn and the Fundació La Caixa, Madrid. Jean de Loisy curated the show, which unifies more than 250 works from various cultures and eras within a grand display. The exhibits  originate from large ethnological as well as art museums and create a dialogue with works by contemporary artists.

The design concept follows the intention of the curator by focusing on the main themes of the setting:
Destabelising deconstruction, frontal presentation, from darkness into light.

Chaos appears as a formal non-linear dynamic system.

During their „journey“ through „chaos“, visitors encounter brusque confrontations, which frontally block their way. The layout of the exhibition elements presets a roundtour and emphasises the diverse settings within their dramatic storyline.

The exhibits receive space, the display cases allow the objects to „breathe“. The colour-light-concept expresses the four thematic groups of the curator. Starting with „The Night“ and the „Forces of Disorder“ within almost fully dimmed rooms, followed by „Magic and Disease“ the motif „Excedance“ concludes within a radiant lighting atmosphere.


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